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Metrotek Learning's training methods have been utilized by some of the nation's top companies. We look forward to adding your company to the revolving list on this page.  Contact us today to find out how Metrotek Learning can benefit your organization as well!

The greatest benefit Metrotek Learning offers is the flexibility of the training! I loved the fact I set my training schedule. The pre and post assessments also add a tremendous amount of value to the training experience. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to see the effort Metrotek Learning put forth into extra amenities. The environment is relaxing, which is important when you are doing technical training. I look forward to returning very soon.

Coke Mark Ptacek
Senior Systems Specialist
Coca Cola Bottling Company

My company's experience can be summed up with one word; excellent!  The facilities at Metrotek Learning provide a quiet environment, coupled with state-of-the art equipment. The quality of the instruction is superb! My team and I have truly enjoyed our training with Metrotek Learning.

Choosing Metrotek is a great investment! The amount of training you receive for what you pay is amazing.

tmg Mike Carricato
Director of IT
The Management Group

The environment at Metrotek Learning is excellent; everything you could possibly want is there for you. I loved my training and I hope to return soon. My trainer did an excellent job and was clearly an expert in their field. I loved the setup of the learning labs with the dual monitors. Plus, the level of customer service is top notch! The entire team at Metrotek Learning went above and beyond to provide me with a wonderful learning experience.

Overall, it was a memorable experience and unlike any other training environment I have ever been in.

Duke Energy Gwen Ford
Training Program Manager
Duke Energy Corporation

I have been taking technical training courses in the computer industry for many years. I have finally come across what truly is the difference between training and going to class.  Metrotek Learning is the absolute best vehicle I have found in accomplishing my personal and professional IT goals and objectives.  The self-paced course, exceptional instructor based environment, combined with a warm inviting atmosphere makes Metrotek stand above and beyond any competition around!

From a corporate view, my company was pleased not only with getting the benefit from a fantastic education, but the financial investment for us was significantly less than the competition. Metrotek Learning was clearly a solid choice!

The availability of classes whenever I need it provides me with the flexibility to continue with day-to-day operations while achieving my educational goals.

Mattamy Homes Kelly Turner
Network Administrator
Mattamy Homes

We are extremely pleased with the amount of training hours we are receiving from our corporate membership. We are extremely impressed with the customer service we received from Metrotek Learning. All of our questions are always answered immediately and professionally. Customer service is important to Integrasys and we appreciate the personal touch Metrotek Learning provides.  We look forward to working with Metrotek Learning time and time again.

IntegraSys Jonette Preddy
Vice President

Excellent customer service! Metrotek Learning is able to work with my busy schedule and is very accommodating, especially if I have to make a last minute change to my training schedule. I loved the half day sessions and the personal touch you get from the Learning Consultants.

R.E. Mason Walter Webber
IT Director
Robert E. Mason Co

Metrotek Learning went above and beyond to serve me while I conducted my training.  The on-site instructor was there to assist me one-on-one anytime I needed clarification or additional help.  We received so much more than what we paid for and that is hard to find these days. I highly recommend Metrotek for all of your high-level technical training.

GMAC Gary Schuster
IT Director

Just wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on our experience with Metrotek to date.

As you're aware, we have had mixed results with the various venues we have used for our training in the Charlotte area. There inevitably seem to be elements that are missing or don't work properly which create challenges that we don't need when trying to execute to our plans. Not to mention the indifferent service they've provided. During the several sessions we've had to date with your company, the opposite has been true.

Not only have all of our technical needs been taken care of, but the level of personal service that we've received has been outstanding. As I'd mentioned to you, our clients react most positively to the extra efforts we make on their behalf. Your organization has exemplified that attention to detail, and all of our staff members who have attended concur. In short, we're extremely pleased with our relationship, and will heartily recommend Metrotek to our business partners for their training needs.

Thanks again.

Tweeter Brian Hagman Regional
Director of In Home Services
North and South Carolina - Region 3A
Tweeter Home Entertainment

Your training material was exactly what I was looking for, audio, visual and high quality learning on demand. Now instead of going to a course and having to take off several days of work I can schedule the training when it fits my schedule, you guys are great.

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