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Accidents in the Workplace Course $99.00
Accidents can happen anywhere, and the contributing factors are commonplace. Accidents in the Workplace training program from Metrotek, encourages your employees to start a serious discussion on safe behavior, plant rules and group responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace. Course Time: 00:05:29

ADA - Meeting the Requirements Course $119.00
This course will get you up to speed on the Americans with Disabilities Act – without boring manuals and endless government documentation. Through entertaining vignettes, lively commentary, and attention grabbing scenes, we will give you a solid, working understanding of how the ADA relates to the job application process, hiring, termination, training, compensation, advancement, benefits, and leave. This program examines the most common myths associated with the ADA and shows you exactly why each one is unfounded.

Better Business Communication Course $99.00
Do you feel that you have difficulty expressing your business goals in precise terms? This Metrotek course, based on the book Better Business Communication by Dr. Phillip Bozek can help you! Learn quick and easy techniques to improve all types of business communication--memos, letters, presentations and meetings.

Coaching Employees to Deliver Their Best Course $119.00
Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best teaches managers how to coach employees to become motivated, self-starting problem solvers to reach their optimum performance. This means more success for your team, your company, and you. You will learn the different roles that a good coach must take on in order to create a high-performance team. You'll learn critical coaching skills, when it's OK to get personal with your employees, how to give constructive feedback, and how to help employees solve their own conflicts.

EEOC - A Fair Shake Course $119.00
Through cutting-edge information and dynamic visuals, this course gives you the information, tools, and knowledge you need to support and enforce discrimination laws within your organization. You'll become familiar with the federal discrimination laws enforced by the EEOC, discover how to identify potential EEOC land mines, and learn to avoid fines, penalties and lawsuits while supporting a workplace that facilitates a culture of tolerance and nondiscrimination.

Effective Performance Appraisals Course $99.00
Most professional and administrative employees today do not understand how their work is evaluated. But performance appraisals are too important to leave until the last minute. The techniques outlined in this course will help you fashion a well-planned and thoughtful process for creating and conducting performance appraisals.

Effective Presentation Skills Course $99.00
Enhance your presentation skills and shine in any meeting with this friendly, concise Metrotek course based on the book Effective Presentation Skills by Steve Mandel. Learn everything you need to know to deliver a solid sales pitch or presentation with clarity, persuasiveness, and confidence. With this interactive training, you'll learn how to organize your thoughts and data for maximum impact, develop eye-catching visual aids and use effective body language.

Eliminate Harassment in the Workplace Course $119.00
Eliminate Harassment in the Workplace deals with the subject no manager likes to talk about; sexual harassment. It's inappropriate anywhere, but especially on the job. As a manager, it's your job to notice and put a stop to any kind of sexual harassment. You will learn how to set a strong company policy, how to watch for the warning signs of sexual harassment, and how to take the steps to correct the inappropriate behavior.

Empowerment Course $99.00
Generate excitement and ownership at every level of your organization by using this step-by-step plan for empowerment. Gauge the current environment, strengthen team relationships and develop new processes that support a proactive workforce. Enable employees to use their full talents and abilities to make a real difference for your company, your team, and yourself! This is a Metrotek course based on the book Empowerment by Dr. Cynthia D. Scott & Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe.

Excellence in Supervision Course $145.00
The Excellence in Supervision course from Metrotek gives new supervisors the tools and experiences to start on the right track and provides existing supervisors with practical and proven strategies for success. Discover the critical success factors supervisors need to create a positive, powerful, motivating environment for employees. With Excellence in Supervision, you can quickly learn and immediately apply the people skills needed to succeed.

FMLA - Proper Compliance Course $119.00
This course gives you straight talk and real answers on a complex and often confusing topic. Eligibility requirements; documentation procedures; the relationship between the FMLA, the ADA, workers' comp, ERISA, USERRA, and PDA - this humorous, interesting and entertaining video covers it all, and brings these often 'gray areas' areas into sharper focus. You will get an in-depth look at employee's rights and obligations, learn how to protect your organization and prevent legal repercussions and ensure that all your decisions regarding the FMLA adhere to the absolute letter of the law.

Giving and Receiving Criticism Course $145.00
Effective criticism made easy. Criticism is an essential component of growth and improvement. Learn to give and take criticism in ways that benefit the individuals involved, as well as your organization. This course will take you through a 3 step formula for successful criticism. Use these lessons to establish a spirit of cooperation and growth, and create a more effective organization. Course Time: 00:19:40

Handling Conflict and Confrontation Course $145.00
There's no escaping conflict in the workplace, at home or with your personal relationships. Whenever diverse individuals work together, there are bound to be differences of opinion, miscommunication and unwelcome criticism - even out-and-out confrontations. In this solution-based interactive media, you'll find proven tactics to help you defuse volatile situations and remain in control when tempers flare and emotions overheat.

How to Coach an Effective Team Course $99.00
In this results-focused, high-energy interactive media, you'll discover the crucial coaching and leadership skills you need to mold a group of diverse individuals into a cohesive team of motivated, enthusiastic achievers. Coach Joe will inspire you to develop the leadership techniques that will encourage people to rise to new levels of performance. You will discover new communication approaches that will get everyone to pull together, while inspiring trust, commitment and respect.

How to Supervise People Course $145.00
Managing, supervising - you could be the world's greatest supervisor if only your employees would cooperate! There's nothing more challenging than trying to achieve your goals through others. You have to be a manager, a psychologist and a den leader all in one. Now, effective leadership is within your reach, with this step-by-step interactive media course.

ITIL Foundation Course $405.00
ITIL Foundation (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of concepts and policies for managing information technology (IT) infrastructure, development, and operations. In this course you will learn a range of benefits including: reduced costs, improving IT services through the use of proven best practice processes, improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery, standards and guidance, improved productivity and so much more.

Leadershift Course $99.00
The entire concept of leadership is changing. In this course you will explore leadership shifts and learn five concepts that will expand the performance of any leader. Using bridge-building as a metaphor, Metrotek expert Joel Barker teaches us that, more than anything else, the 21st century leader will build bridges - bridges of hope, ideas, and opportunities. Bridges that help us move from where we are to where we need to be.

Leadership Skills for Women Course $99.00
Polishing communication styles, developing team-building skills, and creating a successful leadership model are at the heart of this informative course. This is a great first step for women who want to become tomorrow's business leaders. Let the experts show you how to overcome stereotypes of women as leaders and develop the characteristics of effective leaders.

Manage Time Course $145.00
It's a fact of life - if you can't manage time effectively, you'll have difficulty meeting deadlines and handling your most pressing priorities. The Manage Time training course from Metrotek helps you maintain your schedules, priorities, and commitments without running behind. Learn to effectively plan and prioritize each day, week, and month. Manage Time will show you how to make space for all the important things in your life.

Managing Disagreement Course $145.00
Most of us go out of our way to avoid disagreements, let alone try to manage them. Yet, effectively managing disagreement can be one of the most important supervisory and managerial skills. In the Managing Disagreement training program from Metrotek, users can take a sophisticated assessment of their own conflict management style, learn the nine ways to approach and deal with disagreement and see examples of each of these styles illustrated in dramatic vignettes.

Managing for Commitment Course $99.00
In today's changing workplace, employee commitment and company loyalty are major issues faced by employers in every business sector. This Metrotek course based on the book Managing for Commitment by Carol Kinsey Goman, provides organizations and supervisors specifically defined steps for establishing good management skills and increasing employee trust and loyalty. By presenting concepts that teach balancing self-fulfillment with job commitment, managers empower employees, thus increasing productivity and company loyalty.

Motivation and Goal Setting Course $145.00
Are you tired of setting goals and then never quite achieving them? Would you like to rocket out of your current routine and become more productive? Are you eager to break through the barriers that hold you back? You can do it! This invaluable training course for professionals will not only help you determine your goals, but will also give you strategic tools you can apply right away to motivate yourself toward making your goals realities.

No Tolerance for Sexual Harassement Course $119.00
No Tolerance for Sexual Harassment teaches you how to take a stand against sexual harassment in the workplace. You will learn how to create a company policy that employees can easily access and understand. We'll also show you how to make sexual harassment training a priority for your company and a requirement for all employees. Proper training and follow-up documentation put you in a better position to prevent sexual harassment and defend your company and employees against potential complaints, charges, and liabilities.

Powerful Communication Skills Course $145.00
Communicating is more difficult in today's fast-paced technological world. It takes special skills to get people to listen to you - skills you will learn in this interactive media presentation. This dynamic course will help you identify the key elements of communicating and learn specific techniques for improving. Send a clear a powerful communicator.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Course $195.00
Sexual harassment hurts productivity, damages morale and costs employers millions of dollars a year! If an employer is aware of sexual harassment in the workplace, the employer becomes liable for the consequences. The Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace course from Metrotek includes interactive real world examples and assessments that demonstrate the law and examine your role, rights and responsibilities in dealing with sexual harassment. Learn how to develop and enforce a clear company policy that is in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Progressive Discipline and Successful Termination Course $119.00
Progressive Discipline and Successful Termination shows you how to work with problem employees and how to help improve their performance, attitude and effectiveness. Discover how early intervention keeps bad behavior from becoming a habit. With proper training, coaching and communication about expectations, your less-than-stellar employees may do a 180 - and eventually become your star performers.

Project 2003 Course $135.00
With the Project 2003 course from Metrotek, you will discover how to effectively plan, manage, and track the advancement of projects with Microsoft Project 2003. Expert instructor, Erin Olsen, begins this course with some project management basics. She will then take you through step-by-step, demonstrating ways to maximize your efforts and get the most from Project 2003.

Project 2007 Course $135.00
Learn to use the software to create and manage projects with minimal effort. Understand the value of well organized projects that can come in on budget, on time, and using the resources available. Find out how in today's busy world to handle project management. Whether your company is big or small project management is central to business success. This 3 session courses takes you from basic project management, understanding Gantt charts and critical path tasks, to working with tasks and manipulating resources to keep projects within budgets.

Project Management Course $99.00
This training teaches you the four phases of a project's life cycle, planning for quality, time and cost to make the best use of your resources. You will go through the steps to control your work-in-progress with interim reviews and bring your project to a successful conclusion. The principles of project management are applicable at all levels of an organization. Whether you are managing a construction project, software development, office relocation or a class reunion, your project will run more smoothly using these methods.

Project Management Professional 2009 Certification Prep Course $380.00
Prepare for and pass the PMBOK 4th Edition exam with Metrotek's Project Management Professional 2009 Certification Prep. This course guides you through the journey of understanding the basic fundamentals involved in high level project management. Discover what defines a project life cycle, how project management process mapping works and how to develop a project scope statement. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to successfully define and execute projects while gaining a strong understanding of administrative or contract closure. Project Management Professional is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Quality Focused Supervision Course $99.00
Build morale and productivity through engaged leadership. Your managers will learn to build supervisory skills that maintain discipline and command respect, without creating resentment. This course will help your managers recognize their management strengths and weaknesses, and will provide a benchmark for their improvement. Course Time: 00:25:17

Successful Negotiation Course $99.00
Save money, time and achieve satisfaction by learning to negotiate profitably. This Metrotek course, based on the book Successful Negotiation by Robert B. Maddux, covers win/win negotiating ideas and methods. Discover the best techniques for managing conflict through negotiation by using the updated case studies and examples.

Tactics of Innovation Course $99.00
In this ground-breaking course, Metrotek expert Joel Barker goes on location to share stories about why people say "no" to new ideas. More importantly, he introduces a ten-step strategy designed to remove barriers between new ideas and people who naturally resist change. These tactics will dramatically increase acceptance of any kind of idea. Tactics of Innovation relays an important message to any organization that wishes to discover new ideas and bring them into practice.

Team Leadership Course $99.00
This interactive course from Metrotek, based on the book Team Leadership by Dr. Don Hackett and Dr. Charles L. Martin, explores methods and concepts to bring out the collaborative voices of your team members. Learn how to get started with this simple six-step plan and increase participation and team efficiency. They will demonstrate how to develop feedback and clarification skills creating a shortcut to team consensus.

Team Problem Solving Course $99.00
Team dynamics often create their own set of problems. Don't try to find solutions alone - do it with the proven resolution techniques outlined in this easy-to-follow, ready-to-apply program. This interactive Metrotek course based on the book Team Problem Solving by Sandy Pokras shows you step-by-step how to rationally confront issues and how to systematically resolve them. Real solutions prevent recurrent problems.

The ADA and Disability Law Course $195.00
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 brought with it a complex set of challenges that face employers who wish to avoid discrimination against the disabled in the workplace. The ADA and Disability Law program from Metrotek turns these challenges into opportunities. Using the expertise and commentary of attorney Ralph Pond you'll learn the standards set by the law, the correct procedures for interviewing and evaluating job candidates to avoid discrimination, and the procedures for accommodating employees with disabilities.

The Employee Hunt: Recruiting Good People Course $119.00
The Employee Hunt: Recruiting Good People shows you how to use technology to reach the smart, talented, loyal, hardworking employees that you want to hire. Discover how to increase your company's appeal and draw in qualified candidates. Learn how to identify your organizations top performers and reap the benefits of hiring and promoting from within. You'll also find out how to create an employee referral program and turn existing employees into your top recruiters.

The Legal Aspects of Interviewing Course $119.00
Don't cross the line into unlawful, discriminatory territory. The Legal Aspect of Interviewing teaches you how to identify and select the best candidate while avoiding serious and potentially illegal missteps during the interview process. You'll learn how to prepare for and conduct a behavior-based interview that gets to the core of each applicant's knowledge, talents, and skills. You will also understand the importance of fairly and consistently evaluating each interviewee.

The New Business of Paradigms Course $99.00
You can choose to change your paradigm. Transforming your outlook about change is highly effective in creating success and new opportunities. In The New Business of Paradigms, Metrotek expert Joel Barker delivers an important message about identifying, embracing and acting on change. This course gives past and present examples of paradigm shifts, and shows how you can choose to change your paradigm.

Wealth, Innovation and Diversity Course $99.00
The course, Wealth, Innovation and Diversity, takes you on a journey around the world to understand a fundamental truth: Diversity is the key to creating wealth for all. Drawing from history, science, and business, Metrotek expert Joel Barker contends that your organization will experience long-lasting success only when you collaborate with individuals who are different from yourself. This course is for everyone in your organization and will help you move successfully into the future.

Working as a Team Course $99.00
Working as a team builds involvement, improves communication and cooperation, and generates innovative business solutions. This course will teach your employees how to streamline decision making and expand competencies. At the end of this course your employees will know both what to expect from teams and what their teammates will expect from them. Course Time: 00:23:11

Workplace Incident Investigation Course $119.00
Workplace Incident Investigation shows you how prepare for them, how to conduct them, how to stay within the legal parameters, and how to create a written investigation policy for your organization. Learn how to conduct fair, thorough, and objective internal investigations to determine the root of a complaint or problem and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.


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