Acrobat 7.0 Course

Trainer: Erin Olsen

Metrotek's Acrobat 7.0 training gives you the essential knowledge to utilize this versatile product in countless ways. Expert Erin Olsen walks you through the interface and various tools, explaining features new to 7.0. She shows you how to create PDFs from various applications, edit and manipulate pages, create forms, send PDFs to others for review, and much more! At the conclusion of this course, you will understand how important Acrobat 7.0 is for business use as well as for personal use, and you will be on your way to effectively managing inflows of paperwork.


What people are saying:
"This course was outstanding! I really like the fact you can go back and review material that has previously been taught. I am going to tell everybody just how great a product L...

Time Commitment:
3 Sessions / 10 Hours

Course Outline

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