Routing and Switching Fundamentals Part II Course (Exam 640-816)

Trainer: Tom Carpenter

This second part of Routing and Switching will prepare you for the CCNA exam 640-816. Tom Carpenter will take you through the topics of VLSM, IPv6, OSPF, EIGRP protocols and learn to use access lists using NAT and DHCP. Work with point-to-point connections and Frame Relay. Learn to configure and troubleshoot VLAN and interswitch communications. Work with various routing methods and use trace methods to understand the various implementations available. Understand security implementation options using ACL's and NAT.


What people are saying:
"This course was outstanding! I really like the fact you can go back and review material that has previously been taught. I am going to tell everybody just how great a product L...

Time Commitment:
4 Sessions / 10 Hours

Course Outline

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