Access 2010 Course

Trainer: Jason Manibog

Are you an office worker who needs to design, implement and maintain basic Access databases? Perhaps you are someone who's been using Excel to store all of your company lists? If this sounds like you, then this is the course for you. Microsoft has really outdone itself with all of the amazing new features to Access 2010, and this course covers them all. If you are new to databases then Metrotek's Access 2010 course is where you want to start. Jason Manibog will take you step-by-step through this course; starting with understanding what a Database is and how data relates to each other. Learn the process of planning and implementing a database effectively and then learn to use the tools provided in Access 2010 to design and maintain a basic database.


What people are saying:
'I really enjoyed the entire class and have learned not only new things but learned alternate ways of things I already knew. I can say that it was a wonderful experience and am ...

Time Commitment:
5 Sessions / 13 Hours

Course Outline

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