Excel 2010 Course

Trainer: Michael Meskers

'In Excel 2003 we had greatly expanded a lot of the detail included in the course. In Excel 2007, it was a major overhaul in terms of the interface. So, we had to focus a lot on that, we added a few more formulas that we hadn't had before, and we also greatly expanded the conditional formatting section. In Excel 2010, the interface has been made just a little simpler and yet overall the capabilities have been enhanced- enabling us to put in more formulas and put a VBA section back in.' In this course we will be covering all of the newest features of Excel 2010. Michael Meskers has loaded Excel 2010 with 100s of little tips and techniques that he teaches in 'Plain English' that will allow you to increase efficiency and productivity in your day-to-day Excel use.


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Time Commitment:
5 Sessions / 17 Hours

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