Learning Office 2007 Course

Trainer: Erin Olsen

Microsoft's Office 2007 is the office of the future. A fresh new look, together with timesaving practical elements await you as you update and learn new computing skills. Metrotek expert Erin Olsen demonstrates the new advanced features of this valuable Office application series. She uses real scenarios to help you find ways to customize to your office requirements as well as save time and money. Your familiarity with the Office 2007 environment will enable you to develop timesaving skills that help you become more productive and speed up your office workflow.


What people are saying:
"This course from Metrotek was amazing! I made it through all of the training in a week. The experts really know their stuff. This will be very useful information the rest of my...

Time Commitment:
2 Sessions / 5 Hours

Course Outline

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