Outlook 2003 Course

Trainer: Erin Olsen

Email is the most common form of communication we use at work today. Outlook 2003 is the most common email application today, but there is more to Outlook than simply its email features. Have you ever forgotten to include an attachment to an email? Did you know you can recall it? How about using the calendar, managing and scheduling your time more effectively, creating better professional communications? Expert Erin Olsen will teach you how to do all of this and more with Outlook 2003.


What people are saying:
"I enjoyed Erin Olsen as the teacher. She could relate how to utilize Outlook 2003 in everyday, real situations. It was a very enjoyable way to learn. Thank you."
-Nova D. <...

Time Commitment:
3 Sessions / 8 Hours

Course Outline

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