How to De-junk Your Life Course

Trainer: Dawn Dwyer

Do you feel as if your life is spinning out of control because you're so disorganized? Then this revolutionary training was designed for you! Thanks to the powerful strategies and tons of tips that are offered, you can finally regain control of your space, your time, your paperwork and your priorities - once and for all! You'll learn easy-to-apply techniques for eliminating the "junk" that clutters every area of your life, from the junk on your desk to the junk in your house to the junk on your calendar.


What people are saying:
"It was very, very good! I've already started "de-junking"!!! Thanks for an excellent format, it was very easy to work with!!!"
- Tess T

Time Commitment:
1 Sessions / 3 Hours

Course Outline

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