Ten Easy Ways to KEEP Your Job


Young job-seekers lacking in job experience often don't understand what employers are looking for in an employee. The Ten Ways to Keep Your Job course gives job-seekers a look at their on-the-job practices from an employer's viewpoint. In the process, job-seekers begin to understand how they can become valuable employees—and keep any job they may obtain. This course is presented as an episode of a late night talk show—complete with band, hosts, and guests. Interspersed within the show are commercial breaks. Two guests—one a career consultant and the other a human resource executive for a large retail chain—give excellent ideas from the employer's perspective. By the end of the show, job seekers will have heard and seen all “ten easy ways to keep your job” and seen examples of how they can be applied at work.


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1 Sessions / 1 Hours

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